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Managing curator appointed –  curating the visual arts in churches and cathedrals

Art+Christianity Enquiry is delighted to announce the appointment of a new part-time curator who will work jointly with ACE and the ChurchCare Team for the Church of England. Laura Purseglove, due to start in mid January, will take up the role as Managing Curator in a move that recognises the potential of the visual arts in churches and cathedrals throughout the country. Laura currently works as a project curator for Artangel and has previous experience curating the Room 3 exhibits at the British Museum.

Out now: Art and Christianity no88 (Winter 2016)

  • Arts Chaplaincy unwrapped – Jim Craig looks back on a pioneering role in the north east
  • Donal Cooper on Images-within-Images
  • Gervase Rosser negotiates visual theology
  • Ayla Lepine rounds up new literature on sacred buildings
  • Beyond Depiction: Sophie Hacker speaks of abstraction

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