About ACE

In the late 1980s the late Tom Devonshire Jones (1934-2015), then vicar of St Mark's Regents Park, began making formal connections between the individuals who he knew shared his passion for and knowledge of art and Christianity. These included Charles Pickstone (at the time a regular contributor on the subject to various journals), Erika Langmuir (National Gallery), Judith Collins (Tate Gallery) and Richard McLaren who has chaired the board of trustees since its inception.

In 1991 ACE, as it had been named, hosted its first series of seminars entitled 'Art – theology – church'. It also gathered academics, clergy and artists from around the world to meet in London for its first international conference.

By January 1994 the charitable trust had been formed and ACE continued with its well-received events and lectures, as well as the biennial international conference. In 1995 ACE began publishing its quarterly newsletter known as the 'Bulletin' which has grown from a black and white photocopy on a sheet of A3 to an internationally respected 20-page journal, now entitled 'Art & Christianity'.

ACE international conferences

  • 1991 London, UK
  • 1993 Dresden, Germany
  • 1995 Berkeley, USA
  • 1997 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1999 Oxford and London, UK
  • 2001 Minneapolis, USA
  • 2003 St Petersburg, Russia
  • 2005 New York, USA
  • 2007 Cambridge, UK
  • 2009 Strasbourg, France
  • 2012 Boston, USA
  • 2014 London, UK
  • 2016 Dublin, Ireland

ACE annual report and accounts

To download the 2015 annual report and accounts click here