Art and Christianity - Advertising

'Art and Christianity' is the quarterly journal of ACE.


Rates are £150 per column. There are 3 columns to a page. You can also advertise by inserting a leaflet in the journal. Costs are £100 for the whole mailing providing the insert is under 10 grams.

The format of the journal is A4, black/white and one colour tint.

Issues are published quarterly at the beginning of February (Spring), May (Summer), August (Autumn) and November (Winter). Copy should be submitted a month in advance.

Our readership is made up of artists, academics, clergy, and arts-world professionals. We have around 400 subscribers and distribute a further 200 during the quarter.

Approximately 95% of copies are distributed in the UK.

For further information about advertising please contact ACE on 020 7374 0600.