Art & Christianity Journal – Issue No 88

Winter 2016

Art Chaplaincy unwrapped: Jim Craig on a pioneering role in the north east

Exhibition reviews
Christopher Irvine on ‘Stanley Spencer: Of Angels and Dirt’ at the Hepworth Gallery
Manfred Fressner on ‘Madness & Mysticism’ at the Otto Wagner Psychiatric Hospital Church in Vienna

Book reviews
Donal Cooper on Images-within-Images in Italian Painting by Peter Bokody
Gervase Rosser on Transformations in Persons and Paint by Chloë Reddaway
John Morgan-Guy on Jonah Jones: An Artist’s Life by Peter Jones
Andrew Davison on The Penultimate Curiosity by Roger Wagner and Andrew Briggs
Ayla Lepine on Spiritus Loci by Bert Daelemans; The Suburban Church by Gretchen Buggeln; Architecture, Culture and Spirituality eds Thomas Barrie, Julio Bermudez and Phillip James Tabb; Transcending Architecture ed Julio Bermudez
Joseph Masheck and Edmund Ryder on Byzantium/Modernism, eds Roland Betancourt & Maria Taroutina

Conference report
Jonathan Koestlé-Cate reports on Modern Gods at the Hepworth Gallery

Art practice
Sophie Hacker: Beyond Depiction



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Published: 02/11/2016, 20pp