Art & Christianity Journal – Issue No 89

Spring 2017

Charles Pickstone writes from Havana

Exhibition reviews
Josephine Neil on 'Beyond Caravaggio'
Andrew Bick on 'Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans'
Lucy Newman Cleeve on 'Helen Maurer: re Composing'
Tessa Murdoch on 'Christianity in Asia'
Sara Erickson on 'Insecurities: Tracing displacement and shelter'

Books reviewed
Graham Howes reviews Key Terms in Material Religion ed S Brent Plate and Sacred Objects in Secular Spaces ed Bruce Sullivan

Tina Beattie and Laura Moffatt discuss Mary by Bill Viola and Kira Pirov at St Paul's Cathedral
Jonathan Evens on New Art at St Martin's-in-the-Fields

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Published: 10/02/2017, 20pp